TOTAL! 08/99

Datum 23.07.1999
Previews Lego Racers, Mario Golf 64, Ogre Battle 3, World Driver: Championship
NES-Tests Maniac Mansion
SNES-Tests Frogger
N64-Tests A Bug’s Life, Duke Nukem: Zero Hour, Flying Dragon, Monster Truck Madness 64, Shadowgate 64 – Trials of the Four Towers
GBC-Tests A Bug’s Life, Centipede, Dropzone, Duke Nukem, Holy Magic Century, Klax, Silicon Valley, Spy Hunter & Moon Patrol, Super Breakout, WWF Attitude, Frogger
Reportagen, Specials Acclaim-Special, Anime & Manga – Dragon Ball, Chris Hülsbeck – Soundprogrammierer, Die Geschichte der Videospiele (Teil 2), Castlevania 2 (N64) – Work in Progress, Kid Paddle-Comic, GBC-Zubehör
Tips/Lösungen Legend of the River King (Teil 2, GBC), Shadowgate (Teil 1, GBC), Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (GBC)