TOTAL! 12/98

Datum 04.12.1998 
Previews South Park – Deeply Impacted (N64)
NES-Tests The Legend of Zelda, ZeldaII – The Adventure of Link
SNES-Tests Zelda III – A Link to the Past
N64-Tests Center Court, Madden NFL 99, NBA Jam 99, NBA Live 99, NFL Blit, NFL Quarterback Club 99, The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time, V-Rally Edition 99, Extreme G - XG 2
GB-Tests The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening
Reportagen, Specials Fotostory: TOTAL!-Love-Story, 4-MB-RAM-Erweiterung - Expansionpack, Pokémon, Shadowman, Weihnachtsübersicht: Die besten Spiele, Kid-Paddle-Comic, Interview mit Shigeru Miyamoto
Extra 40-Seiten Turok-Comic, Body Harvest-Poster