TOTAL! 03/96

Datum 28.02.1996
Previews Breath of Fire II, Final Fight 3 (beide SNES), StarWars – Shadows of the Empire, Pilotwings 64, WaceRace, Super Mario Kart R (alle N64)
NES-Tests The Legend of Zelda
SNES-Tests AAAHH!! Real Monsters, Boogerman, Bubsy 2, FIFA Soccer 96, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball, Izzy’s Quest for the Olympic Rings, NBA Live 96, Revolution X, The Mask, Timecop, Water World
GB-Tests Galaga & Galaxian, NFL Quarterback Club 96, Zoop
Reportagen, Specials Automatenreport: Killer Instinct 2, Genre-Durchblick: Action-Adventures, Japan-News: Parodius 3, Ultra 64-News, Tipps & Tricks Lexikon
Tips/Lösungen Donkey Kong Country 2 (Teil 1, SNES), Weapon Lord (Teil 2, SNES), Chrono Trigger (Teil 2, SNES)
Extra 2 Daumenkinos, Star Wars- und Primal Rage-Tipps-Poster