TOTAL! 08/94

Datum 22.07.1994
NES-Tests Solomon’s Key, Super Mario Bros. 2
SNES-Tests Mario’s Time Machine, Populous II, Stunt Race FX, Super Metroid, Super Pang, The Pirates of the Dark Water, Utopia, World Cup USA 94, Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda – Alink to the Past, Astro Go! Go!, Time Trax, Ultima IV, Exe of the Beholder
GB-Tests Pinball – Revenge of the Gator, Tetris, The Little Mermaid
Reportagen, Specials Rollenspiele, Game Gear vs. Game Boy, CES-Messe, Übersicht Renn- und Strategiespiele
Tips/Lösungen Stunt Race FX
Extra Stunt Race FX-Tipps&Tricks-Poster